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Approach Chicago Information Technology Services Pricing

Small Business Solutions

Many of our small business clients do not have, nor do they wish to have, their own in-house IT staffs. Instead, they utilize a team of Solus professionals who function as a complete, experienced, knowledgeable IT department. Your Solus team will take on full responsibility for all IT functions, including planning, hardware and software sourcing, implementation, specialized services, maintenance and network management. Call us for more information and a partial listing of our current small business clients.

Did You Know

In a survey of over 100 Fortune 500 companies it was learned that most successful companies put a high value on their IT systems.

The first step to becoming proactive with your IT is having a professional network assessment; it's like a health fitness exam for your IT infrastructure.

Marius Du Plessis, one satisfied client says Solusís solution was cost-effective. "If you purchase top of the range to middle range equipment, your network lasts longer and staff don't have to regularly call IT support," he says.