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Chicago Information Technology Services and Solutions

Whatever your networking needs, Solus Chicago information technology services can help you develop, implement and maintain solutions that keep your network working smoothly and productively. We provide a broad portfolio of Chicago information technology services that help maximize network environments of all kinds.

Our Chicago information technology services are the best in the Chicagoland area and we know what our clients need and how to deliver it.

System Design/Implementation Services

Needs Assessment Key to a successful network design and implementation is a needs assessment that considers all alternatives.
Hardware Installation Solus assure proper interconnection of all network components.
Configuration We have the technical skills to optimize all hardware and software to your network environment.
Testing Our experts help ensure reliability by stress-testing your network implementation.
Optimization Solus fine-tunes your network configuration based on your specific usage patterns and test results.
Rollout Management After verifying performance through a pilot implementation, we expand your network to full usage.
Client Staff Training Solus experts provide complete training to facilitate a hand-off of routine system maintenance to your personnel.
Pro-Active Services Solus offers packages including 24/7 monitoring, managed anti-virus software, patch management for windows and other 3rd party software, managed onsite and cloud backups.
Ongoing Support We offer systematic network support on a scheduled basis to improve network reliability.
Update Support Our specialists evaluate the impact of software and hardware updates and upgrades, and install those that make sense for your network.

Network Services

LAN/WAN Solus IT specialists design, install, configure and test both Local and Wide Area Networks.
VPN We provide Virtual Private Network solutions to provide remote access to employees working at home or on the road.
Internet Access Solus technicians configure systems for high-speed broadband access including DSL, Cable and Fiber.
E-Mail Services We provide custom solutions that can increase the efficiency and efficacy of e-mail communications.
Firewall Our experts design and implement leading-edge firewall solutions to protect against network intrusion.
Client Operating Systems We provide a wide range of services around your OS, including installation, configuration, upgrades and patches.
Client Software Our technicians offer complete software services including installation, configuration and migration of commercial and proprietary software.
Policies and Procedures We offer expert advice, assessment and development of company-wide and departmental policies and procedures.
Product Testing Solus IT specialists provide testing and evaluation of new and existing technologies before purchase and implementation.
Backup Alternatives We are experienced and skilled at designing and implementing custom disaster recovery programs and procedures.

Please contact us to learn more about our Chicago information technology services or to discuss your needs.

Did You Know

In a survey of over 100 Fortune 500 companies it was learned that most successful companies put a high value on their IT systems.

The first step to becoming proactive with your IT is having a professional network assessment; it's like a health fitness exam for your IT infrastructure.

Marius Du Plessis, one satisfied client says Solusís solution was cost-effective. "If you purchase top of the range to middle range equipment, your network lasts longer and staff don't have to regularly call IT support," he says.