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Approach Chicago Information Technology Services Pricing

Our Approach

At Solus, we understand that every network is greater than the sum of its parts. That's why our expertise extends beyond hardware and software issues to network environments as a whole. We help clients develop and evaluate telecommunications options, develop and implement policies and procedures, institute and manage user training, and, in general, to operate an efficient, secure network. We will also help you evaluate third-party vendors when their services might be appropriate.

Our goal is to enable you and your colleagues to concentrate on your day-to-day business responsibilities while Solus specialists optimize your network environment.

Hardware and Software Independence

Solus develops and implements leading-edge Information Technology solutions. We are totally hardware and software independent, so our only objective is helping you develop systems and solutions that best serve your needs. Our services include:

  • Network Consulting Services. Solus combines a highly experienced staff, industry best practices and best-of-breed partners that include Microsoft, Barracuda, Dell / SonicWALL, HP, Birch, First Communications and others. The result is a comprehensive strategy, systems plan and custom hardware/software installation that enhances reliability, productivity and ROI.
  • Network Implementation Services. Our expert technicians are available on an hourly basis to provide desktop support services and guide clients through the maze of sometimes critical, sometimes optional updates, upgrades, patches and maintenance releases.
  • Information Technology Support Services. Solus technical experts are available on a contract basis to become a virtual member of your organization, assisting you with longer-term IT support as your network evolves and expands.

Technical Expertise

Solus professionals have hands-on experience with most of today's hardware and software solutions.

  • Certifications. Solus technicians are Certified by today's most respected hardware and software manufacturers.
  • Training. Through our established training program, we continually increase our technicians' proficiency in new and upgraded hardware and software solutions.
  • Product Evaluations. To help us stay on the cutting edge of information technology, Solus experts regularly test and evaluate new hardware and software products.
Did You Know

In a survey of over 100 Fortune 500 companies it was learned that most successful companies put a high value on their IT systems.

The first step to becoming proactive with your IT is having a professional network assessment; it's like a health fitness exam for your IT infrastructure.

Marius Du Plessis, one satisfied client says Solusís solution was cost-effective. "If you purchase top of the range to middle range equipment, your network lasts longer and staff don't have to regularly call IT support," he says.